Our Story

Verneen Mince, owner of Natural As I Am Black Owned Women Business

People are searching for wholeness and wellbeing that support healthy lifestyle solutions, the movement of being natural and creating viability that's offers synergy that takes care of the environment and this planet.

Natural As I Am will fill the gap with a line of products that provides a feeling of wellbeing. Our theme is about creating a lifestyle of conscious apparel and products that instills confidence, beauty, awareness and harmony; it's all about being natural.

Natural As I Am is a California home base sole proprietor business that is focused on eco-friendly t-shirts that is naturally made with fabrics that  highlight the health benefits  and it environmentally friendly properties that is great for the body, soul and spirit that stimulate a movement that folks want to be part of...

Mission Statement

Natural As I Am mission is to provide high quality lifestyle conscious apparel that is eco-friendly designed clothing thats made from organic and natural materials for all genders that desire naturally made products for the health and environmentally conscious consumers.

Vision Statement

In the next five years, Natural As I Am brand will represent a strong line of diverse eco-friendly products made from bamboo, hemp, cotton and organic cotton designed clothing and t -shirt that is priced right to provide the opportunity for more consumers to enjoy wearing conscious apparel that gives back to community projects that build self-esteem and positive awareness that focuses on health and wellbeing.

Be Beautiful          Be Smart           Be Natural